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The Longest Road

Hitching trains, the kids play their harmonicas to California and back to Texas oil fields.




Works by Jeanne Williams

Jeanne Williams is the author of sixty-nine novels. The core of her work is a panorama of Southwest America, but she has written about the Western Isles of Scotland as well as romantic adventure novels that take place in England and Europe.



For Readers Nine To Ninety

Young Adult

WINTER WHEAT Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies. Sixteen-year-old Cobie and her family meet many challenges. A sod house and plagues of grasshoppers are preferable to the religious persecutions of Czarist Russia. "Good pace, engaging story." Booklist


OH SUSANNA!   Susanna must make a home for her family on the Kansas prairie.


FREEDOM TRAIL  Winner of Western Writers of America Spur for Best Western Juvenile;  Jared, in Bleeding Kansas, joins with a Shawnee and a Black to smuggle escaped slaves north..


THE HORSETALKER  A Selected Book of the Year by Child Study Association of America;
Winner of Western Writers of American Spur for Best Western Juvenile. "Consistently intense in mood and character portrayal, this Indian western is recommended."  Kirkus Reviews


MISSION IN MEXICO   "Exciting, true to its period story of a Southern boy's search for his military father amidst Maximilian's doomed forces."  Saturday Review of Literature


PROMISE OF TOMORROW   Sammy wants to marry a handsome Texas A&M cadet but her won't share her ranch life. She sets up a school for Spanish-speaking children and tries to tame a wild horse. "Unusual romance with a thoroughly realistic and likeable heroine."  Publishers Weekly


TO BUY A DREAM   "South Texas background authentically portrayed."  Fort Worth Star Telegram


TAME THE WILD STALLION   " Fascinating and dramatic …Historically accurate and educational while offering a thorough understanding of the Mexican way of life."  Quarterhorse Journal


THE CONFEDERATE FIDDLE     Outstanding Book in Intergroup Relations, Nancy Bloch Intercultural Library.   " Explores Civil War from an unusual angle..  a journey made dangerous by harsh terrain, outlaws, and Unionists."


NEW MEDICINE    " After white troopers defeat the Comanche and force them onto a reservation, Walker searches for new medicine-spiritual power- to help his people survive."  Hornbook


TRAILS OF TEARS  Non-fiction exiles of five peoples-Comanche, Chiricahua, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Navajo – and where and how they fare today.





Southwest and Mexico


  1. THE VALIENT WOMEN 1846-1862  In a region devastated by raiders, four people of different races build new lives at Rancho del Socorro.
    Western Writers of America Spur for Best Western Novel 
  2. HARVEST OF FURY 1862-1917 Indian, Irish, and Mexican folk of the rancho battle to maintain their home. Last free days of the Apache. Bisbee deportation of 1917.
  3. A MATING OF HAWKS Descendants of ranch founders wrestle with present day problems.

A LADY BOUGHT WITH RIFLES   Miranda returns to her heritage at the beginnings of the Mexican Revolution.  "High adventure, suspense, and passion south of the border." Publishers Weekly


WOMAN OF THREE WORLDS   Brittany comes to Arizona after the Civil War and makes her way in three worlds -Fort Bowie; the Mexican silver city of Los Alamos; an Apache camp in the Sierra Madre.


HOME MOUNTAIN   Western Writers of American Spur, Best Historical Novel of the West; "Superior historical romance rings true all the way…loads of information about life in Arizona Territory.." Library Journal





High Plains

THE LONGEST ROAD   "Moving, accurate picture of Dust Bowl America.. resonates with Woody Guthrie's songs and has a good, strong heart." San Jose Mercury News


LADY OF NO MAN'S LAND   Williams brings her characters to life with a notable attention to detail that is especially evident in the various Old West settings. Booklist


HOME STATION   "Historically accurate evocation of yesteryear."  Kirkus ; "Story of a resolute woman who becomes a railroad station manager in turn –of-the-century Kansas." Rocky Mountain News


THE UNPLOWED SKY  "Williams has a gift for writing about the limitless horizons and tough people of America's high plains…Read this novel to find out what the land  under you really means." Kansas City Star;  "Not since John Steinbeck have readers been given such a vivid portrait of the Heartland in a time of crisis."  Romantic Times


TEXAS PRIDE   " Three generations of a Texas family involved in oil.. Williams transports her readers back in time and structures the settings without historically false note." El Paso Herald Post


WIND WATER " Vivid portrait of life on the plains.. will appeal to lovers of Willa Cather." Library Journal ;  " Recreates the period.. and details of building windmills with accuracy and skill." Publishers Weekly 


NO ROOF BUT HEAVEN  "Reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie .. division between Northern and Southern sympathizers after the Civil War played out effectively." San Antonio Express News


DAUGHTER OF THE SWORD   Deborah, her parents killed by guerrillas, joins with a Shawnee friend and an escaped slave woman to help fugitives reach freedom by the Underground Railroad.





Western Isles of Scotland: The Clearances

"I cannot recommend these books highly enough. "The Scottish Banner"


THE ISLAND HARP  "Set in the mid-19th C. Hebrides, touching romance chronicles a spirited people living in a harsh time.  Packed full of Scottish lore. "  Publishers Weekly


DAUGHTER OF THE STORM  "Excellent plot, sympathetic  characters, and lots of action make this a must purchase where the first was popular."  Adult Books for Young Adults: School Library Journal


HEARSTONE Kirsty leaves the Long Isle for Canada to make a new life.





In The Michener Tradition

THE CAVE DREAMERS  "The secret of the Cave of Always Summer is passed through six women from the dawn of time to now.. Superbly researched saga."   Romantic Times


THE HEAVEN SWORD  "Love stories that span the years. Readers will find the book's concept fresh and worth discovering." Publishers Weekly   A mysterious weapon is passed down from ancient Scandinavia to the 1880's


SO MANY KINGDOMS  Brazil from  16th century to present  destruction of the rain forests.


THE QUEEN OF A LONELY COUNTRY   In medieval Wales, to give her minstrel father's ed head a burial, Gillian barters her maidenhead to the lover of her aunt, the witchlike Cerridwen.





Romantic Adventure In Modern West and Mexico

TIME OF THE BURNING MASK   Summoned to an Arizona ranch by her grandmother who rules her Yaqui workers with an iron hand, Kit is drawn into conflict that reaches a fiery end at the traditional Easter ceremonies.


THE MAGIC SIDE OF THE MOON Among the eerily beautiful dead volcanos of Pinacate, desert ordeals make two couples confront  truths they could evade in Tucson.


ENCHANTED JOURNEY   Tory treats her aunt to a bird-watching tour among ancient Mayan ruins.  Most bird watchers are harmless but someone on the tour is a killer.


TO BEGIN WITH LOVE   Becoming a rural mail carrier through a desolate stretch of Southern Arizona gives Sammy a new life-one she almost loses.


MAKE BELIEVE LOVE   Robin goes camping on the Mexican Sea of Cortez with her boss and the man she loves who brings his fiancée. Fearful danger makes them realize their true values.


THE NIGHT HUNTERS   Inheriting an East Texas mansion, Tracy, a nature photographer, is drawn to very different men, one a game warden, the other a hunter of women as well as animals.


SHADOW OF THE VOLCANO   Katherine is to help a famous artist write his memoirs.  He loves volcanos and lives on the side of one. His mistress is murdered. Is Katherine next?


THE WINTER KEEPER   Jan believes her sister was murdered while working at a lodge near Yellowstone. She hires on to be the caretaker and encounters winter wonders as well as danger.


A SPECIAL KIND OF LOVE   Miranda goes to Texas's Big Thicket to help her aunt whose home is full of injured birds and animals. Aunt Corinth starts a Bride Quilt-but who will be the groom?





Romantic Suspense In Europe and England

DRAGON'S MOUNT   Caught in old loves and hates in a manor near Stonehenge, Jill uncovers a deadly secret.


THE LIGHTNING TREE   Stephanie's eccentric aunts make her wonder if her mother's death was accidental.


SILVER WOOD  Lynette comes to Belleforest  to teach music; did the man she comes to love kill his father?


RAVEN'S GATE   Uther rules the women in his life from beyond the grave, forcing them to live in his house.


MY FACE BENEATH THE STONE   In Prague,  Ria is mistaken for a woman who vanished. Will Ria?


ENCHANTED TWILIGHT   Kit  finds beauty, folklore, magic, and love in Norway.  Will she also find death?


THE EVIL AMOUNG US Kristin's Norwegian cousin is magnetic; is he a murderer or under an ancient curse?


SONG OF THE HEART   Living in a gypsy wagon is a good way to collect  folk songs, cats, and danger 


HANDS OF TERROR   Lady Gift is beautiful but Erica fears for the wilful child she's come to teach and mother.